Is Digital Healthcare the new Black?

If we can see the positive correlations on the 2008 economic crash, some of the most valuable companies emerged from that period (Uber, Airbnb, Slack, Zoom).

With the same logic, the investment ecosystem would expect to see the next big companies working with digital healthcare and education tools.

  • Those that integrate into this remote system.
  • Those that do not.
  • “No Boundaries” Developed a platform that delivers a healthcare service in Africa, South America, and Europe at the same time, with the same professionals and the same technologies. That is correct. The only challenge will be communication, the cultural and language specifics, and your team language skills.
  • Scalability: I think the possibility to connect millions of people at the same time, analyzing real-time information and the capability to enrich the whole system is the strongest superpower we have.



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Gonzalo Simons

Gonzalo Simons

Head of Strategy at The Cliff | Business Strategy Executive & Startup Founder | WEF, YLAI, WEF Fellow | IESE Executive MBA Candidate 2024 | The future is now